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Quebec's Cruise Terminal


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Quebec's Cruise Terminal

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With the charm of Quebec City for tourists, its international airport, the cruise terminal and the Port staff assigned to cruise activities, the Port of Québec has all the attributes needed fully to serve our tourists who arrive by sea.

Together with its professional staff, the Cruise Terminal in Pointe-à-Carcy offers unparalleled service to cruise lines and their passengers.  In operation since 2002, the Cruise Terminal allows ships of all sizes to stop over or to tie up and terminate a cruise journey in Quebec City.  The wharves are specifically dedicated to this type of vessel in Pointe-à-Carcy, namely wharves 19, 21 and 22.  The last-mentioned has an automatic catwalk linked to the terminal.  However, the port can receive several cruise ships at the same time, using other wharves, including those of the Canadian Coast Guard.


Official Quebec Cruise Port Website.


Parking, Public Transportation and Cruise Terminal General Information    


Location of the Cruise Terminal and Maps  



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