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Small Ship Cruises From Bangor, ME, Chicago Il, Portland ME, Providence, RI, Warren RI, Quebec City, Quebec, Gloucester, MA, New York, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Canada and St. John Newfoundland.


Small Ship Cruises From Various Northeast Ports & The Great Lakes

American Cruise Line - Cruises From Providence RI, Bangor ME. New York, Norfolk, VA and Baltimore MD. To Coastal Maine, Hudson River Cruises, Chesapeake Bay


Blout Small Ship Adventure Cruises  - Cruises From from Warren, RI, Portland ME, Quebec, City Quebec, Philadelphia PA and Chicago Illinois to the Great Lakes, Coastal Northeast, Hudson River, Erie Canal, St Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes

Yorktown Travel Dynamics Great Lakes Cruises

Travel Dynamics - Cruises From Gloucester MA, New York, Portland ME, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and Duluth to the Great Lakes, East Coast US, St. Lawrence Seaway, Hudson River, Chesapeake Bay


Cruise Terminal Information

Consult each individual cruise line for the location and directions to each cruise departure location.